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With the current recession, it is often difficult for businesses to spend money on marketing. Engaged provides an extremely cost-effective way for businesses to gain exposure to the wedding market.

Here are some additional reasons for promoting your business in Engaged.

  • It’s free to read: There is no charge for anyone to look at the magazine, and everyone loves something for nothing!
  • It’s instant: Engaged is available anytime and doesn’t require a trip to the bookshop to pick up a copy!
  • It’s easy: An online magazine allows a future bride to research advertisers during her working hours (which conveniently are often also your working hours).
  • It’s classy: With informative articles covering all aspects of a wedding, together with beautiful photography, Engaged is everything that you would expect of an expensive wedding magazine, without the expense!
  • It leads readers to you website: As Engaged is online, if you have a website address in your ad, the reader can click on the address and go directly to your website!
  • It’s well-read: We have had an average of 4,000 reads per issue since we launched last August and that is increasing every month!
  • It’s up-to-date: Engaged is published 12 times a year. Readers constantly looking for new ideas and products will be attracted by the more frequent publications.
  • It’s cheaper for advertisers: Engaged is cheaper to produce as it has no printing costs. Cheaper production costs lead to cheaper advertising costs for you. What's more, with huge discounts on multi-issue booking, it just becomes ludicrously cheap!
  • It’s got great friends: Engaged is partnered with New Zealand’s premier online wedding website and directory, weddings.co.nz. As at 31 May 2008, Neilson NetRatings show that weddings.co.nz attracted an average of 12,350 readers per month over the period 1 June 2007 to 31 May 2008. Those readers contributed to weddings.co.nz having over 2 million page hits over the yearly period ended 31 May 2008. Engaged is advertised heavily on www.weddings.co.nz.





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